Aoshi Jiuchong Tian

Alternate Titles: 傲世九重天

Aoshi Jiuchong Tian
Chu Yang is hunted down and trapped in a hopeless situation by various people for obtaining his Nine Functions Sword, the supreme magical weapon in the Nine Heavens. He is stabbed into the heart, which accidentally awakens the Nine Functions Sword and brings him back to his youth life again. In this life, he will choose a different path, protect his love and brother, and embark on the road to search for the Nine Functions Sword. His fate will be rewritten, and this hot-blooded man will fight against the powerful forces, requites kindness with gratitude, returns evil for evil, and turns the Nine Heavens upside down. When Chuyang was killed with the sword of the first god of the world, and hanged to the end of his life, an error in the heart of a sword awakened him and returned to his youth. In this world, he'll walk out with...

Most Recent Episode: Aoshi Jiuchong Tian Season 1 Episode 16: Episode 16 (Air Date: 1/9/2024)

Premiere Date: October 1, 2023
Air Time: 10:00 am
Country: CN
Air Day: Tuesday

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