Back in the Groove

Back in the Groove
Back in the Groove follows three women who will check into a resort on an island of the Dominican Republic to rediscover their youth, live joyously, and find love with men half their age. Three single women in their 40s, all stuck in the grind of their everyday lives, will check OUT of their comfort zones and check INTO The Groove Hotel, a magical resort on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic - where the goal is to rediscover their youth, live joyously, and hopefully find love with men HALF. THEIR. AGE.

Most Recent Episode: Back in the Groove Season 1 Episode 8: The Final Checkout (Air Date: 12/8/2022)

Premiere Date: December 5, 2022
Casts: Taye Diggs
Air Time: 12:00 am
Country: US
Air Day: Monday
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Official Trailer

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