Beverly Hills Pawn

Beverly Hills Pawn
A new half-hour docu-series exploring Yossi Dina and his extraordinary pawn shop in the heart of world famous Beverly Hills. The master businessman and former army captain runs his luxury shop with an iron fist, and is known for his cutthroat negotiating and his superior taste. When Hollywood’s downtrodden and desperate elite fall on hard times, they know exactly where to go to find a lot of cash… fast. Yossi grants multi-million dollar loans at a moments notice for masterpieces, gems, antiques, and priceless Hollywood treasures only attainable by the rich and famous. Each episode follows Yossi and his loyal team as they dole out massive loans to the wealthy for their incredible collectibles. BEVERLY HILLS PAWN travels to the luxury capital of the world to focus on the venerable Dina Collection VIP Room. The series leaves behind all connotations of your typical "pawn shop" as it delves into the high-end world of fine jewelry and Hollywood memorabilia. While your typical stroll down Hollywood Blvd might net you a few souvenirs to take home, Yossi Dina prefers to provide his customers with authentically exclusive items pawned from result of star divorces and failed businesses. Dina and his staff twist "pawn" from bargain to alluring, drawing in ever fascinating items and the fans that are after them. —Asylum Entertainment

Most Recent Episode: Beverly Hills Pawn Season 4 Episode 13: (Air Date: 3/28/2015)

Premiere Date: June 5, 2013
Air Time: 9:00 PM
Country: US
Air Day: Wednesday
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Extremely Rare Tablets from The Ten Commandments | Beverly Hills Pawn

Extremely Rare Tablets from 'The Ten Commandments' | Beverly Hills Pawn

Inside Yossis Vault: Yul Brynner Slippers | Beverly Hills Pawn

Inside Yossi's Vault: Yul Brynner Slippers | Beverly Hills Pawn



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