Beyond Skinwalker Ranch

Beyond Skinwalker Ranch
Skinwalker Ranch is now widely considered to be ground zero for UAP activity and high strangeness. Since 2020, Dr. Travis Taylor along with Erik Bard and their investigative team have been working around the clock to collect, analyze and decode as much data as possible associated with the phenomenon occurring at the site. Their experiments have yielded amazing results, but not enough to fully unlock the secret of the ranch. So, for the first time ever they have decided to expand their search for answers. In an effort to gain a broader perspective and build larger data sets, the Skinwalker team is adding two team members and taking the offensive by pursuing evidence of similar phenomena found at analogous sites around the country. No longer content to sit, waiting to be targetedit's time to go Beyond Skinwalker.

Most Recent Episode: Beyond Skinwalker Ranch Season 1 Episode 9: Batting a Thousand (Air Date: 8/8/2023)

Premiere Date: June 6, 2023
Air Time: 10:00 pm
Air Day: Tuesday

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